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    Yantai yongtai machine co.,Ltd is a re-built shares cooperation company which terminate in cooperate with foreign-owned enterprise. Yongtai co.,inherit the traditional merits and traits of the Kuyu plastic extruding machine, and continue to perfect, improve and innovate. The company owns high-skilled professionals and management staff. We also possess the strong ability in processing and equipage of machine, the advanced technology and crafts test-facility, the integrated quality management system. We assure that our products will in the lead level of the domestic market.

    Our SBY series circular loom adopt the advanced monitoring system to finish following detection and altering park reliably with frequency conversion timing. Compared with the circular loom in the present domestic market, it is of high-production ,low-noise, low-energy and few repair cost and good quality cloth cover. The loom is mainly used in weave PP and PE flat silk drum fabric and so on . it is a ideal loom for product the flexibility sack ,plastic compound bag, geotextile and chemical bag and etc.

    They are extensively used in many lines including chemical industry, construction material, commissary-processing, sugar industry and salt industry.   Our products enjoy the high reputation at home and abroad market ,we also have the ready sale in provinces, cities ,districts over the whole country and sell to overseas areas such as the southeast Asia , middle-Asia, west-Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Russia etc. we award the first prize of science and technology advance in Shandong, and the products are ranked as country-class new product. We have passed the certification of ISO9002 quality system in January,2001.

    The product was appraised for new product and new technology by Shandong province Technology & Science Committee and Shandong

    Ecconomy&Trading Committee in 2001 and was appraised as one of ten technical achievement(rank as the first place)in 2003.our company was choosed as vice-chairman unit by Chinese package technique association and construction material package committee in 2001 and gained the third prize in Shandong province technology advancement fruit.

    Yongtai co. will fully utilize the purificatory plastic extruding machine and the perfect sales-after service to welcome the cooperation with the old and new clients in previous days, now days and futures which aim at the economic boom of China.

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